After what seems like forever ago they are remaking a classic The Karate Kid. Is this a Good Idea, another karate movie to add to the collection or is it going to lead to an epic fail?

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I think it is safe to say that there is solid fan base for Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and the original animated movie Alice in Wonderland. I myself think JD is awesome, I kinda like Tim Burton, and Alice and wonderland (original animated version) was ok. After saying that I am not really that into this movie, now I’m not saying it’s going to  be bad or anything on the contrary I expect it will have impressive visual effect and some really funny characters. What I think it may lack is as I have said before remakes are very hit or miss with people and sometimes when they throw a lot in the visual department the story sometimes lacks a story. Overall I hope the movie is a good one and I do expect to see some of Tim Buton’s strange humor thrown into it.

The Dreamers (2003) directed by Bernardo Bertolucci is a very mind blowing movie that I would not suggest for everyone. This is the type of movie that makes you really think and sometimes say “what the $#&@”. This is a flick that you will either really hate or really like, but I suggest if your in the mood to see something out of the ordinary give it a try. Also let me know what you think, I belive feedback could be very interesting from this movie.

The new remake of an old classic Clash of the Titans is comeing to theaters April 2, 2010. That is this very weekend and I am frankly excited to see it. I’ve always liked the old movies that included Greek mythology in them, but they always had one big flaw, which would be the very lame looking monsters and what have you.

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New Bill and Ted Movie?

March 25, 2010

There is going to be production late in the 2010 summer on a new Bill and Ted movie, featuring the original actors  Ted (Keanu Reever) and Bill (Alex Winter). With the same crazy plot as in the first two movies Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey this movies guaranteed to be a hit!

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The latest Mel Gibson Movie titled the Edge Of Darkness released January 29, 2010. It showed Mel doing his traditional Badass Cop Character, with an I don’t Give a Damn attitude, that all Mel Gibson fans have come to love. One thing that I did not like about this film (and I’m going to expand on this further) is the Cheezy ass Boston accent that Mel Gibson tries to do.In what seems to be only a few lines throughout the movie.  First you think you’re hearing things, I found myself thinking , “come on Mel is not trying for that accent, He’s just a little older, yeah that’s it he’s just older than I remember.” 

After you hear more and more lines from the old road warrior, it becomes apparent that yes, he has tried to pull off the boston accent. Mel Gibson has a strong enough following to speak how ever he wants where ever he is. I think it would have been way more badass if Mel would have just spoke his normal speech. It would save him from the weak accent performance he showed throughout the movie and it would solidly show that Mel Gibson does what He wants.

Ending Question.

What Do you Think? Can you think of any other big films with failed accents?

Also are there Think of some Other Movies with Failed Accents?


Out of the new modern series of animated T.V. shows, South Park and Family Guy are definitely the giants of the field. The question is who is the better of the two? Family Guy who’s jokes are more random than an ADD kid in a candy store or the ever evolving poop jokes from  ? I have found myself in many arguments with people every time I ask the question. Both shows I will agree are hilarious, they both provoke provocative ideas and are completely ridiculous. I also think that these two show started pushing the norm for crazy, as far as animated public T.V. show go.

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